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Install tmux on Arch Linux



Tmux is a terminal multiplexer. This lets you to run multiple terminal sessions simultaniously. It gives you multitasking capabilities for your terminal and more importantly, this enables you to complete system updates even after a broken SSH connection since terminal sessions can be resumed.

Read more: tmux(1)


pacman -S tmux

Sane scrolling

The default scrolling behaviour runs through the previous commands instead of scrolling the terminal output. Enable sane scrolling behaviour with this config line.

set -g mouse on



Here is a summary of the most common commands that you'll want to use.

tmuxStart a new session
tmux new -s nameStart a new named session
tmux lsList sessions
tmux attachAttach to the most recently used session
tmux attach -t nameAttach to a named session
tmux kill-session -t nameKill a named session

Key bindings

Tmux also have a lot of keybindings to help you manage all sessions and windows. Here are the essential bindings that you'll want to learn. The default key combination to initiate a command is Ctrl+b / control+b.

Ctrl+b ?List all key bindings.
Ctrl-b dDetach from the current session
Ctrl+b %Add a new pane to the right
Ctrl+b "Add a new pane to the bottom
Ctrl+b %Split pane horizontally
Ctrl+b "Split pane vertically
Ctrl+b oSwitch to the next pane
Ctrl+b ;Move between the current and previous pane
Ctrl+b arrow-keyNavigate between the panes
Ctrl+b xCtrl+b x Close the current pane
Ctrl-b cCreate a new window
Ctrl-b wSwitch between sessions and windows