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Install paru on Arch Linux



Paru is the newest and hottest AUR Helper. From one of the developers of yay and written is Rust this project has gained a lot of traction in the Arch commuinty. This guide will walk you through the steps for installing this AUR Helper which lets you install packages from the AUR (Arch User Repository) in the same way you install packages from the Arch repos with pacman.

Read more: paru - GitHub


pacman -S --needed base-devel
git clone
cd paru
makepkg -si


paru -Ss fooSearches for package foo on the repos or the AUR.
paru -Si fooGet information about a package.
paru -S fooInstalls package foo from the repos or the AUR.
paru -d fooRemove a package from the local repo.
paru -SyuUpdate package list and upgrade all installed repo and AUR packages.
paru -SuaUpdate all currently installed AUR packages.
paru -QuaPrint available AUR updates.
paru -cUninstall unneeded dependencies.