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Update 2021-05-23: This project is no longer maintained because there is a more clean way of achieving this with only a compose file. Check out my other repo here: SebDanielsson / compose-transmission-wireguard

I just released my first Docker image! It's based on Alpine Linux and runs both WireGuard and Transmission in one container that weights in at about 30 MB. I've customized Transmission to run the excellent Secretmapper / combustion web interface and also applied my SebDanielsson / dark-combustion color palette.



I just tried out Docker for a small project and now I get all the hype around it. While searching for good guides I stumbled upon this excellent tutorial by Prakhar Srivastav: A Docker Tutorial for Beginners. If you want a deeper understanding of Docker and how it works, and not only how to spin up a container and leave it running, I highly recommend reading it. He also go through the basics of writing your own Docker image which helped me a lot.